There are two types of swing trading styles. The first is to range trade, that is, buy and sell as price bounces between a low and high price. If you know what a rectangle chart pattern is or a channel, then you can buy near the bottom and sell near the top repeatedly. I find that the profit potential of
range trading is not exciting enough for me.

• Range trading is buying and selling as price bounces between highs and lows.
To catch a swing as soon as it starts and hold it until it ends. It is the same idea as a range trade but the high–low range is often much larger (if you are lucky) and you only trade it once.

• A trend trade buys near the swing low and sells near the end of a short-term trend (or the reverse: sell high and buy low).

Swing trading is trying to catch price as it moves between peaks and valleys. Another way to say this is that swing trading is capturing the move between layers of support and resistance.
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