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Thursday 11 December 2014

Patterns Exploration of All Stock for 11 December 2014

Exploration notes This exploration examines just the current data. It reports those securities which are just completing one of the following 9 point and figure patterns:

Pattern Search
Security NameSignalSignalSignalSignalSignal
ABANDouble BottomsBearish
ABCILDouble BottomsBearish
ABGSHIPDouble Bottoms
ACCDouble Bottoms
ADANIENTDouble Bottoms
ADORWELDDouble Bottoms
AEGISCHEMDouble Bottoms
AHLEASTDouble Bottoms
AHLUCONTDouble BottomsBearish
AHMEDFORGEDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
AJMERADouble Bottoms
ALPHAGEODouble TopBullish
AMARAJABATDouble BottomsBearish
AMBIKCODouble BottomsBearish
AMBUJACEMDouble Bottoms
APTECHTDouble BottomsBearish
ARVINDDouble Bottoms
ASIANPAINTDouble Bottoms
ASTRAMICRODouble BottomsBearish
ATFLDouble TopBullish
ATULDouble Bottoms
ATULAUTODouble Bottoms
AUTOAXLESDouble Bottoms
AUTOINDDouble Bottoms
AVANTIDouble Bottoms
BALAMINESDouble Bottoms
BALMLAWRIEDouble BottomsBearish
BANARBEADSDouble Bottoms
BANARISUGDouble BottomsBearish
BANCOINDIADouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
BANKBARODADouble Bottoms
BANKBEESDouble BottomsBearish
BANKINDIADouble Bottoms
BANKNIFTYDouble Bottoms
BANSWRASDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
BHARATRASDouble BottomsBearish
BHARTIARTLDouble BottomsBearish
BIOCONDouble Bottoms
BIRLACORPNDouble BottomsBearish
BIRLAMONEYDouble TopBullishBullish Triangles
BLISSGVSDouble BottomsBearish
BLUEDARTDouble Bottoms
BLUESTARCODouble BottomsBearish
BLUESTINFODouble BottomsBearish
BSLNIFTYDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
CAIRNDouble BottomsBearish
CANBKDouble Bottoms
CANDCDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
CAPFDouble Bottoms
CARERATINGDouble BottomsBearish
CCLDouble TopBullish
CEATLTDDouble Bottoms
CENTUMDouble TopBullish
CENTURYPLYDouble BottomsBearish
CENTURYTEXDouble Bottoms
CGCLDouble BottomsBearish
CHEMFALKALDouble BottomsBearish
COROMANDELDouble Bottoms
COSMOFILMSDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
COX&KINGSDouble BottomsBearish
CRISILDouble Bottoms
CROMPGREAVDouble BottomsBearish
DALMIABHADouble BottomsBearish
DALMIAREFDouble BottomsBearish
DCBBANKDouble TopBullish
DCMDouble Top
DCMSHRIRAMDouble Bottoms
DEEPAKNTRDouble TopBullish
DENORADouble Bottoms
DHANUKADouble BottomsBearish
DHUNINVDouble BottomsBearish
DISHMANDouble BottomsBearish
DPLDouble Bottoms
DREDGECORPDouble Bottoms
EICHERMOTDouble Bottoms
EIHOTELDouble BottomsBearish
ELDERPHARMDouble BottomsBearish
EMAMILTDDouble Bottoms
ESSARPORTSDouble Bottoms
EVEREADYDouble BottomsBearish
FINANTECHDouble BottomsBearish
FINPIPEDouble Bottoms
GABRIELDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
GAILDouble BottomsBearish
GANDHITUBEDouble BottomsBearish
GDLDouble Bottoms
GKWLIMITEDDouble TopBullish
GLAXODouble BottomsBearish
GLOBALVECTDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
GMBREWDouble Bottoms
GOACARBONDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
GODREJINDDouble Bottoms
GODREJPROPDouble Bottoms
GSPLDouble BottomsBearish
GUJALKALIDouble Bottoms
GULFOILLUBDouble TopBullish
HARRMALAYADouble BottomsTriple BottomsBearish
HATHWAYDouble BottomsBearish
HATSUNDouble Bottoms
HDFCDouble BottomsBearish
HEGDouble Bottoms
HIKALDouble BottomsBearish
HILDouble Bottoms
HINDNATGLSDouble BottomsBearish
HINDUNILVRDouble BottomsBearish
HITECHPLASDouble BottomsBearish
HNGSNGBEESDouble Bottoms
HSILDouble Top
HUBTOWNDouble BottomsBearish
ICILDouble Bottoms
IDBIDouble Bottoms
IDFCDouble Bottoms
IFBINDDouble BottomsBearish
IGLDouble Bottoms
IIFLDouble BottomsBearish
IL&FSTRANSDouble Bottoms
IMPALDouble TopBearish Reversed
INDIACEMDouble BottomsBearish
INDIANBDouble Bottoms
INDIANCARDDouble TopTriple TopBullish
INDNIPPONDouble Bottoms
INFINITEDouble Bottoms
INGVYSYABKDouble BottomsBearish
INOXLEISURDouble Bottoms
IOCDouble Top
IPAPPMDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
IPCALABDouble TopBullish
ITDCEMDouble BottomsBearish
J&KBANKDouble TopBullishBullish Triangles
JBCHEPHARMDouble BottomsBearish
JINDWORLDDouble Bottoms
JKCEMENTDouble TopBearish Reversed
JKILDouble Bottoms
JKLAKSHMIDouble TopBullish
JOCILDouble Bottoms
JPOLYINVSTDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
JUBILANTDouble TopTriple Top
JUBLFOODDouble BottomsBearish
JUBLINDSDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
JUNIORBEESDouble Bottoms
KAJARIACERDouble Bottoms
KALYANIFRGDouble TopBullish
KAMATHOTELDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
KARURKCPDouble TopBullish
KBILDouble Bottoms
KIRIINDUSDouble BottomsBearish
KITEXDouble BottomsBearish
KOPRANDouble Bottoms
KOTAKNIFTYDouble BottomsBearish
KOTAKPSUBKDouble Bottoms
LAKPREDouble BottomsBearish
LAKSHMIMILDouble TopBullish
LAKSHVILASDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
LANCOINDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
LAOPALADouble BottomsBearish
LIBERTSHOEDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
LLOYDELENGDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
M&MDouble BottomsBearish
MADHAVDouble BottomsBearish
MADHUCONDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
MAGMADouble Bottoms
MAHINDUGINDouble TopBullish
MANDHANADouble BottomsBearish
MARKSANSDouble BottomsBearish
MARUTIDouble Bottoms
MBLINFRADouble Bottoms
MCLEODRUSSDouble BottomsBearish
MCXDouble Bottoms
MHRILDouble BottomsBearish
MMTCDouble BottomsBearish
MOHITINDDouble Bottoms
MOTHERSUMIDouble BottomsBearish
MUKANDLTDDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
MUNJALSHOWDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
NAUKRIDouble BottomsBearish
NSILDouble Bottoms
ONGCDouble BottomsBearish
ORBTEXPDouble Bottoms
ORIENTBANKDouble Bottoms
ORIENTREFDouble BottomsBearish
ORISSAMINEDouble BottomsBearish
PANAMAPETDouble TopBullish
PAPERPRODDouble Bottoms
PATINTLOGDouble TopBullish
PERSISTENTDouble BottomsBearish
PETRONETDouble Bottoms
PHOENIXLLDouble Bottoms
PILANIINVDouble Bottoms
PLASTIBLENDouble BottomsBearish
POCHIRAJUDouble Bottoms
POLYMEDDouble TopBullish
PONNIERODEDouble TopBullish
POWERGRIDDouble BottomsBearish
PRAKASHSTLDouble BottomsBearish
PRECOTDouble Top
PSUBNKBEESDouble BottomsBearish
PTCDouble Bottoms
PUNJABCHEMDouble Bottoms
PVRDouble BottomsBearish
RAJESHEXPODouble BottomsBearish
RALLISDouble Bottoms
RAMCOINDDouble BottomsBearish
RANBAXYDouble TopBullish
RELGOLDDouble TopBullishBullish Triangles
RELIGAREDouble Bottoms
RMLDouble Bottoms
RPGLIFEDouble Bottoms
SAKSOFTDouble BottomsBearish
SAREGAMADouble Bottoms
SAVERADouble BottomsTriple BottomsBearish
SBBJDouble Bottoms
SBIGETSDouble TopBullishBullish Triangles
SDBLDouble TopBullish
SEAMECLTDDouble Bottoms
SESHAPAPERDouble BottomsBearish
SHIRPUR-GDouble Bottoms
SHIVAMAUTODouble BottomsTriple BottomsBearish
SHOPERSTOPDouble BottomsBearish
SHRENUJDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
SIMPLEXDouble Bottoms
SOBHADouble Top
SPARCDouble Top
SRFDouble Bottoms
SSLTDouble Bottoms
STCINDIADouble Bottoms
STOREONEDouble Bottoms
STRTECHDouble BottomsBearish
STYABSDouble Bottoms
SUBROSDouble BottomsBearish
SUDARSCHEMDouble TopBullish
SUNDARMFINDouble BottomsBearish
SUNDRMBRAKDouble Bottoms
SUNDRMFASTDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
SUNPHARMADouble TopBearish Reversed
SYMPHONYDouble Bottoms
TATACHEMDouble Bottoms
TATAGLOBALDouble Bottoms
TATAMETALIDouble BottomsBearish
TATAPOWERDouble Bottoms
TBZDouble BottomsBearish
TCIDouble BottomsBearish
TCIFINANCEDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
TDPOWERSYSDouble BottomsBearish
TECHNOFABDouble TopBullish
TGBHOTELSDouble TopBearish Reversed
THIRUSUGARDouble TopBullish
THOMASCOOKDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
TIILDouble Bottoms
TILDouble BottomsTriple Bottoms
TIMKENDouble Bottoms
TINPLATEDouble BottomsBearish
TOKYOPLASTDouble Bottoms
TRILDouble Bottoms
TRITURBINEDouble BottomsBearish
TTKPRESTIGDouble BottomsBearish
TVTODAYDouble Bottoms
UCALFUELDouble BottomsTriple BottomsBearish
UCOBANKDouble BottomsBearish
UFLEXDouble Bottoms
UNIONBANKDouble Bottoms
UPERGANGESDouble BottomsBearish
V2RETAILDouble BottomsTriple BottomsBearish
VENKEYSDouble Bottoms
VENUSREMDouble BottomsBearish
VGUARDDouble Bottoms
VIDEOINDDouble BottomsBearish
VIMALOILDouble TopBullish
VINATIORGADouble BottomsBearish
VINDHYATELDouble BottomsBearish
VIVIMEDLABDouble BottomsBearish
VMARTDouble BottomsBearish
VSTINDDouble BottomsBearish
WELSPUNINDDouble BottomsTriple BottomsBearish
ZEELDouble BottomsBearishBearish Triangles
ZENITHEXPODouble TopBullish
ZODIACLOTHDouble BottomsBearish


Parag Patil is a technical analyst and trading system designer with stock excel programmer. I hope the articles and live chart of nse future and mcx on this Website will be as helpful and profitable to you . I try to update and post new articles tips everyday. My motto is to encourage the traders, so that they should able to understand the technique views behind the moment of stocks. I have deeply analyzed with many technical indicator with parameter and added to my amibroker afl. And even taken backtest report which is never being implemented. Any of the analyst expect me. Seeing all this you may understand that my views is more technical than commercial. If you are profited by my views I fill happy.

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